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Beitrag vom: 30.08.2016

Which car do we need?


In the Year 2014…

The thought of travelling the world together had become a fixed idea in our heads. To drive to New Zealand on wheels…But what was the most adequate vehicle for that? Car, Bus, Bully…? This we had to find out.

First we thought of caravans. Even though we found them too luxurious for us, we got a first impression of what it feels like to live on 10 square metres. But what did we really need for our plans now? And these plans involved to be off the beaten track mostly.

Checking the internet, we found heeps of wildest options. Comparing them, certain tendencies started to shape out that seemed to make sense. Since we wanted to reach New Zealand, we would have to face many off-road tracks beyond Turkey  - or even sooner. What we needed was definitely chassis clearance and four-wheel-drive.

A friend had been on the road with a VW LT 45 in South America. His experiences sounded okay, but the idea of a truck suddenly started to emerge. A truck - that´s over the top, no? In the end it turned out to be the best option for us.  Considering a lot of weight as price for our desired self-sufficiency (diesel, motorbike, water…) along with the extra space should be the most fitting for us.

We wanted to be able to move freely from the driver´s cab to the living unit – and the more we read up on it, the more we learned. Also about the dimensions of our journey to come. Repairs would be more or less constant companions, so we better kept it simple and solid. And we shouldn´t forget about security aspects – in traffic as well as in respect to burglaries.

To put it in a nutshell – we needed a truck – but which one? 





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  1. JOhanna Furtlehner
    JOhanna Furtlehner
    Hallo Ihr drei. Ich hoffe es ist alles in Ordnung bei euch. Ich verfolge eure Route laufend . Wünsche euch weiterhin viel Spaß und alles Gute
  2. Maria Zehentner
    Maria Zehentner
    Hallo Johanna,
    danke der Nachfrage, uns geht es gut und es ist alles in Ordnung. Wir sind noch 1-2 Tage in der Türkei (trotz politischem Chaos bekommen wir absolut nichts mit, die Menschen sind freundlicher und hilfsbereiter als überall wo wir bis jetzt waren.
    Das Visa für unser nächstes Land, dem Iran haben wir in unseren Pässen. Die nächsten Wochen werden wir dort verbringen.
    Bei uns schneit es und es ist relativ kalt, im Gegensatz zu euch, wo der Frühling im Anmarsch ist.
    Schön, daß du uns verfolgst!
    Liebe Grüße Maria
  3. Johanna Furtlehner
    Johanna Furtlehner
    Hallo Ihr Weltenbumler!
    Muß wieder mal nachfragen ob alles in Ordnung ist? Ich hoffe Ihr seid alle wohlauf.
    Ich wünsche euch weiterhin alles gute und liebe Grüße