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Beitrag vom: 13.10.2016

Meeting “Mr. Right”?


So we took off in the company of Daniel, mechanic and our private expert, willing to give us his expertise on the vehicle. Arriving on the scene, the 911 in darkish green immediately hit my eye.  I recognized it by the pictures of the ad. There were other 911s, too, but this was the one. A bit later Dietmar, a friendly guy in his seventies, opened the door of the truck and gave us a first presentation of his truck. To me it seemed mighty, solid, invincible – offering shelter and safety. 

However, inside it didn´t feel that cosy anymore. Old mouldy wood, garbage all over the place, the fridge dirty and the stove encrusted with whatever. This wasn´t what we had been hoping for. Well, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, let´s stay calm. But technical checks confirmed that the truck was basically okay and it featured a lot of the things we had desired. To buy or not to buy – that was the question now. We exchanged views. It fit our expectations, but inside it was disgusting. And the price was too high. Dietmar joined us and we felt that it was hard for him to give away his old travelling companion. But Dietmar´s health didn´t allow that kind of trips anymore. 

In the end, we met at 19.000 euros. From that point on everything went pretty fast. Dietmar took out his last belongings, gave away a last round of diesel at the nearest gas station and off we went with our already organized license tag for the transfer, homeward bound. Arriving at 2 a.m., euphoria seemed to dwindle. Had we jumped in too fast? Well, who cares – we had our truck at last! The next morning we took our son for a first ride, reassuring our decision. Then it was time for our new toy to get a first rest at a nearby farmer.

Things were getting serious now…




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  1. Robert Standl
    Robert Standl
    Hallo Leute,
    wie alle Salzburger, hab´ich heute Eure Reisepläne in der Zeitung gelesen und Euch gleich auf Favoriten auf meinem Laptop angelegt, ich wünsch´Euch eine supe rtolle Zeit, viele spannende Abenteuer und Geschichten, sollte irgendwann - was Euch erspart bleiben möge - irgendwo der Schuh gewaltig drücken und Ihr Hilfe aus Salzburg brauchen, mail reicht, ich bin der Wirt vom Wilden Mann in der Getreidegasse, und kenn´eine ganze Menge Leute !!

    Alles Liebe, Robert
    1. Maria
      Hallo Robert,
      vielen lieben Dank für deine liebe Nachricht. Es tut uns wirklich leid, dass wir dir erst jetzt antworten, aber wir haben die Nachricht gerade erst gesehen.Es freut uns sehr, dass dir unser Vorhaben gefällt, und du unsere Seite gleich unter den Favoriten gespeichert hast.
      Vielen Dank für dein Hilfsangebot, wir werden das auf jeden Fall im Hinterkopf behalten.
      Wir hoffen natürlich auch, dass alles so reibungslos wie möglich verläuft. In diesem Sinne liebe Grüße ML2