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Beitrag vom: 09.10.2016

911 - the right choice?


Okay, this point was fixed – we would go by truck. Now what else would we want to come along with it? A cubicle, meaning a place to sleep above the driver´s cabin. And this required a fixed connection of the cabin with the rest. And we didn´t want anything that had the touch of being martial or even military – conveying negative first impressions. ..

On Asian roads as well as in many reports of travelers you find good old Mercedes trucks, mainly from the 1960s to the 1980s. They seemed to suit us well – in their modest appearance and in their potential price. So we started to look for a Mercedes Benz 911, nine tons heavy. You need a specific driver´s license here that neither of us had. Furthermore they are hard to find – and the ones that blinked into our eyes didn´t quite meet our expectations. What they all had in common was a rather solid price – even a 1960s goodie was still offered for some breathtaking 12.000 euros. Meanwhile Leander had entered various 4-wheel forums, gaining experience and new friendships. 

And then he found it – a 1977 Mercedes 911, retired in honor after serving the German border patrol. Already modified into a caravan including rear carrier for the bike, solar cells on the roof, apsis tent…and a price of 24.000 euros!  The owner was a German living in southern Spain, unfortunately having the truck there as well. But he would come to a big 4-wheel meeting near Frankfurt soon. There we could meet. 

The offer sounded interesting, the price less -  beyond our budget. But we were running out of time and so we arranged to meet the man in Frankfurt. As we would find out later, these meetings are pretty good places to trade vehicles. So for now it was off to Frankfurt.




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