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October 2016

Meeting “Mr. Right”?
Author: Admin | Thursday, 13.10.2016


So we took off in the company of Daniel, mechanic and our private expert, willing to give us his expertise on the vehicle. Arriving on the scene, the 911 in darkish green immediately hit my eye.  I recognized it by the pictures of the ad. There were...

911 - the right choice?
Author: Admin | Sunday, 09.10.2016


Okay, this point was fixed – we would go by truck. Now what else would we want to come along with it? A cubicle, meaning a place to sleep above the driver´s cabin. And this required a fixed connection of the cabin with the rest. And we didn´t want...

August 2016

Which car do we need?
Author: Admin | Tuesday, 30.08.2016


In the Year 2014…

The thought of travelling the world together had become a fixed idea in our heads. To drive to New Zealand on wheels…But what was the most adequate vehicle for that? Car, Bus, Bully…? This we had to find out.

First we thought of...