Who are we?


... let´s start from scratch. 

We are my girlfriend Maria, our son Lennox and myself, Leander.

For over 10 years, we jointly explore the world with a backpack. Although always just for a few weeks, but with the ulterior motive longer or even further to travel. 

4 years ago, our son Lennox was born and when he was one year old, we spent several weeks with him in Thailand.  



And again came the idea of an extension - and it stayed.

But constantly to travel with a child, with a backpack, the photo equipment,... it was just too cumbersome and especially overpriced for us. 

And so we decided to buy an old truck and preparing him for a great trip. A journey indefinitely.

End of 2016. This is the deadline. In November 2016, we will cancel our native tents and hit the road for a long time.