We make a worldtrip


We are planning a worldtrip! Ok, at least a half one. 

All around the globe there is not likely to go, but at least til New Zealand. 

Klingt jetzt nicht so spektakulär. Viele Menschen fliegen nach Neuseeland. Stimmt!

Now, does not sound so spectacular. Many people fly to New Zealand. That‘s right! If there wouldn´t be the matter with the transport. Because we don´t want to fly, we want to drive. By land from the Austrian Alps across the Balkans to Persia, continued by the Russian Federation and South-East Asia to the great Coral Sea until where we finally reach the land of the Maori and the New Zealand Alps.

- from alp to alp -

That´s at least the plan.



Distance: 50.000 km

Countries: 23

Continents: 3

Climate Zones: 4

Time Zones: 11

Duration: 2,5 Jahre